The challenge of migrating the Core without compromising business continuity

Banco Popular de Costa Rica: A sucess story 

The change of the central banking system, or Core Banking, represents a challenge that requires a great deal of planning, preparation for adjustments and certification processes, aimed at guaranteeing that the new Core complies with the requirements of the previous system and that allows obtaining the added value from which the intention to change arose.

The transactional channels that communicate with the banking core for transaction authorization are one of the critical elements in the execution of a project of this type, so it is required to perform validations on the functionality, pre-production or contingency in case of events that affect the availability of the company’s service.

The responsibility for maintaining business continuity during the migration process falls on the capabilities of a comprehensive and reliable platform, which must exercise transactional control by acting as an authorizer, throughout the necessary time during the transfer and update between the Core, replicate the data and communicate in a transparent and controlled manner to the new Core what has been processed, ensuring 100% transparency for the end user.

Therefore, we would like to congratulate Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal for the continued process of innovation it developed during 2020 and which continues to grow in 2021. Its recent Core Banking upgrade resulted in a resounding success, controlling the blackout by means of the Stand In of AZ7®.

This solution enabled the Bank to continue with the transactional authorization in critical channels such as the ATM Network, POS and Issuer Authorizations, allowing customers to make their basic transactions while the controlled migration was taking place.

Congratulations to Banco Popular de Costa Rica! For staying at the forefront of Business Continuity Solutions.

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