Payment of Remittances through ATM and MoneySend transactions: novel features that Banco Industrial delivers to its clients in Guatemala

In favor of bankarization and streamlining transactions in Guatemala, Banco Industrial implemented two new responses for its clients. In the first step, Banco Industrial made, the remittance collection service available in its network of more than 1200 ATMs in Guatemala through a code sent to mobile devices and without the need to use cards, thereby facilitating the collection of remittances to thousands of people in the country.

Likewise, and through the alliance with MasterCard and CLAI PAYMENTS®, Banco Industrial launched its MoneySend Transactions service, facilitating national and cross-border fund transactions. This service helps bring the bank’s clients to manage this type of transaction with agility.

“Most undoubtedly, it is important to facilitate transactions in people’s daily lives. For this reason, we contribute to Banco Industrial’s projects and payment methods that facilitate daily operations in Guatemala, and we provide our clients with the best solutions in the field”.

Johanna Barrera, CLAI PAYMENTS® Guatemala General Manager.

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