Intuitive interfaces to optimize your payment platform management

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Digital transformation is a fact and within this, development and simplification of interfaces play a significant role. In payment’s transactional world, control over quality, speed and payment platforms security is needed, these factors must be tended in real-time, on a reliable platform that allows obtaining all aspects that guarantee continuity on your business and produce high availability of services to your customers.


That’s why CLAI has developed a solution focused on ease down operation and surveillance of your payment systems, channels, and transactional capacities, allowing not only checking but to take care of events in advance or even detecting growth or improvement scenarios. Through this modern interface, AUTORIZA7®’s ATM Monitor controls your device networks, statuses, availability, alerts, manage position and cash details; everything you need to keep your network in pristine conditions and fully operational. Likewise, AUTORIZA7®’s Monitor maintains complete control over your payments platform, keeping a close look to your issuers, interfaces, connections, and transactional quality; here response and load times will show as indicators, helping your team to keep full sight of the service and interaction with your customers.

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