Efficient ATM Management amidst and after the pandemic

In the pandemic environment, there has been talk about the major impact on the decline of cash usage and the preference for digital transactions. However, it is a reality that in many countries cash is still necessary for many people who perform daily transactions and manage their cash through ATM withdrawals.


According to a report developed by McKinsey, this decline in cash is expected to be 4 to 5 percentage points in 2020, but it is clear that the use of cash, which, although in the first months of the pandemic was strongly impacted, continues to be used to a large extent in many countries, and although in mature markets the decline is drastic, in countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Brazil exceed 85% of its use.

Image 1. Cash Usage by country. World Payment Report. McKinsey 2020 – Global Payment Map

This cash decrease indicator has been the highest in recent years, and represents a cash management challenge for those with automatic teller machines (ATMs); for financial institutions and processors that lend their ATM networks, it is a priority to build strategies to make the management of their ATM networks more efficient, optimizing cash handling costs, as well as integrating facilities that allow their current ATM network to integrate contactless transactions, and more operations that allow their customers to count on solutions that facilitate cash withdrawals, among other operations, streamlining and eliminating interaction and contact times to a great extent.

How to achieve efficiency in my ATM network?

While managing an ATM network involves the management and administration of many elements to enable consumers to use the devices and conduct their transactions. The following are key elements to manage operational efficiency and cost savings in your organization in an integrated and favorable way:

1.   Agile transaction integration, acquisition and new technology capabilities.

Easily managing your terminals and managing transactional flows will allow you to quickly adapt to your customers’ needs. Today, the particular need is to establish a fast and contactless service. If you manage your ATM network but do not have the latest market models, you could integrate contactless transactions, facilitating tools such as the customer pre-setting the transaction on their smartphone or computer, obtaining a QR code and presenting it at the ATM. Likewise, the development of agile services in your network will open up the possibility of providing these services for other institutions, which benefits all parties in the market.

2. Automation in efficient cash management.

A fundamental part of the cost of ownership of your ATM network is cash management. To make this management more efficient, it will be necessary to have tools that allow a consolidated analysis of critical data, such as the cost of funds, cash dispensing history, among others, and that allow to calculate and find the ATM’s break-even point, allowing to predict the life of the cash per device, the loading date, the approximate loading and from there to obtain savings statistics on cash management. It is also essential that you have the ability to connect with your carriers, perform the processes of reconciliation, compensation and settlement for services in an automated way. This will allow you to be more productive, save and guarantee the availability of cash at your terminals and expedite services.

3.   Monitoring, proactive management and managing service alerts.

The monitoring of your network paramount to say the least, we recommend keeping not only reactive, but also proactive a surveillance. It is important to have elements that allow you to verify early warnings, facilitate the operation and control of your devices in a centralized manner and allow corrective actions or ATM monitoring from a dashboard or monitor.

“The construction of tools that facilitate, streamline and monetize the ATM network of our customers, has been a major element of continuous development in our company, for over 30 years we have consolidated solutions that meet end to end needs of ATM management, even with the relationship for co-creation with the brands available in the region in order to establish a useful solution to the market”, Adrian Molina, Specialist in ATMs CLAI PAYMENTS® Technologies.

The keys to efficiently manage your ATM network are to establish solutions that allow you to centralize responsibility, standardize your processes, streamline your network operation, simplify your infrastructure and maintain the independence of your business, so that you can build stand out features for your customers according to their needs and the current environment.

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