Credicomer launched its new Visa® debit and credit card for the Salvadoran market.

The Credicomer success case

The Salvadoran financial institution that has been consolidating an important growth in the country, thanks to the generation of value to the community that they consolidated by offering their customers special lines of financial services, within the framework of the health emergency, this contribution has resulted in their results and has allowed them to continue innovating and investing in the generation of value and ease of services for their customers.


Last May 3, it launched its Visa Credit and Debit card, which will enable its customers to make transactions easily through its network of ATMs distributed in El Salvador, and also through Evertec’s ATM network, as well as to make transactions from anywhere, thanks to the access to the Visa® network worldwide..

“We congratulate Credicomer because despite the great challenges that this new normality has represented, they have developed a technology project that will allow their customers access to new financial services and payment facilities globally" Esteban Corrales, General Manager of CLAI PAYMENTS Costa Rica."

CLAI PAYMENTS wants to express the satisfaction for this important achievement for Credicomer, we celebrate the implementation of new solutions and to count on us to apply best practices in the optimization of time in the management of technology projects and provide a comprehensive turnkey project, which includes technological infrastructure, business intelligence, a specialized team in technical and administrative management, to facilitate the integration of new services in commissioning streamlining the time to go to market.

¡Congratulations Credicomer®!

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