BCI Servicios Financieros – a leading company that completes successful migration with the help of the AZ7 replication solution

Chilean financial retail company BCI Servicios Financieros carried out a successful migration of AZ7® through the use of AzReplica, a CLAI PAYMENTS product for data synchronization.

AzReplica – a solution designed to replicate data in continuous Active-Active availability mode – originally helped to transition data during the application homogenization period, and Host to Host of Financial Services, until 100% of the components are moved to the new architecture.

Cristian Sepulveda Ibañez, Head of the Financial Services Development Area stated thus:

“In this Project, we encountered unique situations that I had never faced in my previous migration experience… it was similar to changing the engine of an airplane while in flight. Like any initiative of this size, we find opportunities in various aspects; however, thanks to the technical knowledge of CLAI PAYMENTS and the business on our part we performed a migration in record time, always ensuring compliance with PCI-based guidelines -DSS”.

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