BCI Financial Services first to integrate DSA, Mastercard's direct access services technology on the continent


Ensuring agility in the development of digital transactions is a growing priority, for 61% of companies that are linked to the payments business, APIs are a high priority. And in that effort Mastercard® has made available Direct Service Access (DSA) services to reduce the impact on security and facilitate transactions for issuers, merchants and processors around the world, using certain services designed to handle the transaction lifecycle internally in real time.

In the Americas, the first to integrate and join this technology has been BCI Servicios Financieros (BCI Financial Services), in Chile, which by opening a range of new payment possibilities through smart devices, handling their transactions directly, facilitating the processing and authorization, ill facilitate its customers the integration of their mobile devices and smartwatch to make contactless payments securely, linking their account through GooglePay and wearable devices such as Fitbit and Garmin.

This technological integration reduces the risk of fraud, thanks to the process of protecting the cardholder’s data, as it is replaced by a dynamic component with an alternative number (token), making it easier to remember in payment applications but without exposing sensitive data and information on cardholders’ means of payment, so that users can speed up transactions by storing credentials to make purchases in electronic commerce (COF). “Definitely, this is not the future of digital payment methods, it is the present”, said the Head of the Development Area of BCI Servicios Financieros (BCI Financial Services), in relation to his vision of new technologies.

In the process of the first integration in the continent, CLAI PAYMENTS has contributed in the technological implementation of DSA for BCI Servicios Financieros, integrating the necessary processes of tokenization and necessary standards of the brand, facilitating compliance with security protocols, thanks to the certification of  PCI PA DSS and its experience in the agile integration of technology services in payment platforms.

“Being the first to use Mastercard® DSA technology allows us an excellent opportunity to work with more acquirers in on-us mode, allowing us to open a great field of new alliances”. Cristian Sepulveda Ibañez, Head of the Financial Services Development Area.

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