AZ7 Renews your certification PADSS as a secure payment application

AZ7 full transaction lifecycle management platform of CLAI PAYMENTS Technologies has been re-certified by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, PCI SSC, as a secure payment application. 


This certification has been granted based on a thorough analysis of the technological solution on the protection of elements that interact with the card payment ecosystem, including the processing, information storage and protected environment of sensitive information in the payment lifecycle. 

Therefore, the AZ7 v4.2 solution has achieved effective compliance with the 14 requirements described in PA DSS standard in its version 3.2, which will be in force until October 2022, and effectively passed more than 250 physical, logical, and administrative security controls. 

CLAI PAYMENTS continues its commitment to strengthen its flagship solution to manage, generate and strengthen the security of its platforms, and to create secure development policies and comprehensive procedures to take productive and robust measures to protect the processing of all data managed by the AZ7 solution. 

This certification will benefit users of the powerful platform, which has a regional presence in most of the American territory. 

The following is a list of the requirements concerning certification: 

PA-DSS requirements and security assessment 

  • Failure to retain full track content, code,or verification value of cards. 
  • Protecting stored cardholder data.
  • Provide secure authentication features.
  • Log the activity of payment applications.
  • Developsecure applications. 
  • Assess payment applications to fix vulnerabilities and maintain application updates.
  • Facilitate the implementation of a secure network.
  • Cardholder data should never be stored on a server connected to the Internet.
  • Facilitating secure remote access to the payment application.
  • Encrypting sensitive traffic on public networks.
  • Encrypt administrative access other than console access.
  • Maintain a PA-DSS implementation guide for customers, resellers, and integrators.
  • Assign responsibilities according to PA-DSS to personnel and establish training programs for personnel, customers, resellers,and integrators. 

If you wish to learn more about the certification awarded, please visit the PCI Council page, where you will find the certified platforms: 

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