Connecting payments from everywhere
for everyone
Take the market advantage with your payment platform with a dynamic and complete payment hub solution
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Grow boundless with
new payment possibilities
Transform your existing payment services into a new omni-channel payment platform, providing customers with a whole new experience.
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Conectando pagos en cualquier momento
desde cualquier lugar
Transforme a la modernidad su plataforma de pagos con un completo y dinámico Hub transaccional
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Crezca ilimitadamente
con nuevas posibilidades en multiples canales
Innove sus servicios de pago y obtenga una plataforma de pago multicanal, entregando la mejor experiencia a sus clientes.
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Empower your business with faster and simple solutions

A trust payment solution, for connecting your customers a get an efficient payment hub solution. Achieve a fast-growing, with digital payments and go for the omnichannel environment, with security and complain platform.

+29 years of experience.

+17 countries

enterprise certified payment solution

+450 Millions of transactions per month

+400 solutions implemented


“AZ7 Solution by CLAI PAYMENTS support ATMs of different brands and allows you to configure the present card and cardless transactions, widthdrawals inquieries, and transfers. In the short term, we implemented online limits, payments for loan services credits cards and withdrawals from checking accounts”
Eunice Martinez
Project Director – Banco Popular Costa Rica

“I recommend CLAI PAYMENTS® for Payment Issue solutions. More than 10 years working with them guarantee their stability and complete support.”

Cristián Sepúlveda Ibáñez 

Head of Development Area, Walmart Chile

“AZ7® has allowed consolidating our transactional objectives with quality, efficiently and with great capabilities to expand our service network. We consider the contribution of the CLAI PAYMENTS® team and the peace of mind that it brings us for the development of our electronic payment methods projects to be very valuable.”

Mauricio Escalante 

Cards and Acquiring Manager Banrural


white paper

How do you deal with the impact of Covid-19 on your ATM network?

COVID-19 has imposed on us new ways to behave socially no one has ever imagined. It made us value daily activities that we once took for granted. The impact of COVID-19 on how users are interacting with ATM networks will never be the same and will set the tone for what is to come.  Today, there is a question of how soon banks and financial institutions can swiftly provide a safer, secure and easier ATM interface that would require less physical interaction – fast.